Who We Are

History of the Bellingham Society of Roleplayers

The BSR was founded in March of 2007 by the three original members: Jen Bainbridge, Barbara Martin and Karl Smith. The group was formed with the purpose of helping players and gamemasters connect and form groups, filling a gap in the local gaming community. Forming a partnership with Eagles Games Models and Miniatures, they used the store's game room on Bay Street to host meetings on Mondays. These meetings helped support and expand the gaming community as whole, and has helped form many new roleplaying groups in the area.

The Officers

Username: Eldritchblend

Karl Smith moved the Bellingham in September 2005. He attended Western Washington University for two years and graduated with a Bachelor's of Arts in Humanities, focusing in English and Creative Writing. An avid writer and role-player, he helped found the organization in March 2007 when he, Jen and Barbara realized there was a vacuum in local gamer relations.

Karl has been playing role-playing games since 1996, and became an active GM in 2000 with the advent of 3rd edition Dungeons & Dragons. He hopes his experience will help other players and game masters get more fun out of the game.

Gaming Experience: Dungeons & Dragons (Basic, Advanced, Advanced 2nd Edition, 3rd Edition, 3.5, 4th Edition), World of Darkness (old and new), Exalted 2nd Edition, MechWarrior, GURPs 3rd Edition, Grimm, Traveler (system mechanics, never played), Call of Cthulhu, Shadowrun (1 session), Serenity

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