Welcome to the BSR Homepage

As the new website for the Bellingham Society of Roleplayers, we may consider 2009 the official "reboot" for the organization. We're going for a much greater online presence this time around to better serve our target audience: the players and game masters of Bellingham, Washington and the surrounding cities.

Recent News

9/14/11: Closure of the BSR

If you couldn't already tell, the BSR is no more. Due to circumstances beyond our control, we were forced to close up shop in February and pass the torch to someone more able to handle the job of uniting the community. We had a great run, but we're off to bigger and better things right now. So long, folks, and thanks for all the great times.

1/29/10: Forums're Fixed

So, the forums are fixed (finally). You now no longer have to be a wikidot member to post. Please use your name or character name and we'll get who's talking.

3/23/09: Game Room News

Stacy has renewed his lease on the game room for one year. However, to help pay for it, he will be charging $5 a month per person. PLEASE BRING $5 TO HELP SUPPORT OUR ONLY LOCAL GAME STORE.

1/20/09: Forum News

One of our member has helped us out by testing our forums. Thank you, George, for the help.

Also, soon we will have the "Ask a…" section up for your asking pleasure. Have a problem you need help figuring out? Every player and GM has had that one conflict that has confounded them. Here's a place to voice it and get responses.

11:06—Additionally, forum rules have now been posted. Post in the stickied thread if you think anything should be added.

1/14/09: BSR Policies

The revised BSR policies are up. Still working on the sponsored game policies, the PbP guidelines, and the Officers duties.

12/28/08: New Homepage

After nearly 2 years of activity, the Bellingham Society of Roleplayers has a functioning website. It's obviously unfinished, but soon, SOON, it will be completely ready!

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