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Bellingham Society of Roleplayers Business
Any official business for the BSR goes here.
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Read. If you don't obey the rules, we will remove your privileges to the forums.
11by BSRmodBSRmod
20 Jan 2009 18:21Jump!
Any new business relevant to the BSR will be placed here.
58by HaokHaok
30 Apr 2010 23:13Jump!
General Discussion
Everything not covered by other topics goes here.
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First time here? Want to introduce yourself? Post here!
Enjoy D&D? Perhaps d20 Modern is more your flavor. Ever hear of True 20? Anything about any edition of the D&D game and the various iterations of the d20 system get put in here.
12by eldritchblendeldritchblend
22 Jan 2009 23:36Jump!
Do you enjoy World of Darkness or other White Wolf products? Come on in!
12by eldritchblendeldritchblend
23 Jan 2009 00:08Jump!
A game this complex deserves its own category.
34by eldritchblendeldritchblend
30 Mar 2009 22:51Jump!
We have a number of people who are creating their own games. Let's give these people a hand.
35by HaokHaok
03 May 2010 15:32Jump!
Sometimes, we just don't know about a game. If it doesn't fit anywhere else, it goes here.
13by Red RoscoeRed Roscoe
05 Feb 2010 04:31Jump!
Anything else come to mind? Post here.
25by Anonymous Tentacle (guest)
30 Jan 2010 19:57Jump!
Q and A
Have a question? Conundrum confound you at every corner? Ask here!
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Got a general question as a player? Systematic problems got you down? Want your concept critiqued? Post here!
Running a game? System holes besting your skills? Problem player? Post here for help!
Tabletop Game Postings
Any who want to advertise a game or have a game chronicle can request it here.
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If you need players, post here.
49by HaokHaok
02 Feb 2010 01:21Jump!
If you're a player looking for a game, please post here.
22by HaokHaok
06 Aug 2009 00:16Jump!
If you have a game you'd like the BSR to sponsor, please post the details here. Please see the BSR sponsored game guidelines for details (forthcoming).
Online Play-By-Post
If you want to form an online game, please advertise and play here.
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If you're looking for players for a play-by-post, please post here. If you'd like to use our boards, please post here or send the mod a PM, and we'll set it up for you.
11by HaokHaok
06 Aug 2009 00:22Jump!

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