Storyteller: Karl Smith
Current Players
* Jen
* Michael
* Karl
* Greg
Status: Full, with waiting list.
Rating: PG-13 to R


To be discussed during character creation.


To be discussed during character creation.


None yet.


Curled Plains:



House Rules

  1. Missing Players: If you miss a session and have a "good" excuse, you will receive the average amount of experience the players received last session. I expect my players to tell me the truth about why they missed game. Even the excuse "I just wasn't feeling it last week" is entirely valid: sometimes, we just don't feel like gaming. All I ask is you tell me. (Please excuse the school teacher routine; it just bugs me when my players don't tell me what's going on.)
  2. Character Backgrounds: Character backgrounds are great and give your characters human-like traits. Giving the storyteller a backstory will give me material to get you emotionally involved, which only helps everyone have a better game. Therefore, backstories are recommended but optional. All we truly ask is you think of you character’s background before they exalted and make your character convincing through good roleplay. If you would like your character's backstory to become a part of the game, within the first few weeks of game, please type up a quick, quarter-page character backstory. Once I get this, I'll be able to start enfolding your character's past into the story.

Table Rules

  1. Respect Other Players: This is key to having a good game experience. While some player infighting is to be expected (coworkers and friends don’t always get along, so why should your Exalted), deliberate hostility toward your comrades that detracts from game and is unwelcome by the rest of the group will result in punishment. If you commence hostilities toward a circle member (steal from them, call the Wyld Hunt down on them, stab them in the back, etc.), your character will become an enemy of the circle and an NPC, and you’ll have to make a new character. Respect other players. Remember, it’s their game, too.
  2. Storyteller’s Word is FINAL: Your storyteller’s will try their best to be impartial and even-handed with their arbitration. You have the right to advise a storyteller regarding game rules they may not be aware of, but don’t take it too far. The storyteller always has final say concerning rules arbitration, and arguing their decision during game is a guaranteed way to get you on his bad side. Angry ST is angry. An angry ST is only human, and while I try to remain even-keel when irritated, I'll be the first to admit it doesn't always work. Respect your storyteller. Remember, it’s their game, too.
  3. Hygiene is Necessary: Bathe. Scrub. Rinse. Brush. Repeat as necessary. Commence before every game. I'd rather have you late and smelling like the asset to the room that you are rather than reeking up the place. We have to be in close proximity to you for several hours a week. Don't make me cry from the odious odor.
  4. Table Etiquette: Play nice with others; don’t badmouth or berate; try to keep Out-of-Character conversations to a minimum; treat others' books like I treat your expensive glass ornaments: with the care and tenderness given to a newborn babe; give others the spotlight every now and then; try not to read books at the table, especially on your turn; try not to discuss someone else’s tactics out of character on their or your turn (Newbie players asking for help are not entirely subject to this rule; as long as they keep in concise, this is not just o.k. but encouraged). Keep these in mind, and we’ll be just fine.
  5. Roleplaying: Please, please, PLEASE roleplay your stats accordingly. If you’re playing a social monkey, try to be charismatic. If you’re a gruff-and-tumble veteran, be gruff-and-tumble. The Exalted system is based around roleplaying as well as character building, so please roleplay to your hearts content and I will, too.
  6. Vested Interest: Don't have your character stay behind to take care of the kids. Don't say your character refuses to go into the Shadowlands because they are afraid of the undead (fear is a great character builder, but come-on: this is Exalted). Make your characcter thematically appropriate and give them a vested interest in doing epic things so that they can do epic things.
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