BSR Policies

Global Policies

  1. Respect is paramount in the BSR. Respect the people in the BSR. Respect that there are games they enjoy playing that you don’t and vice versa. Don’t verbally abuse anyone, period, especially in the BSR. Don’t abuse anyone based on their decisions in-game. Keep swearing down, especially around minors. No flame wars will be tolerated. Arguments should be debates, not fist-fights. This is not an “old-boys-club:” respect new attendees like you would any other member. Keep respect in mind, and we’ll get along just fine.
  2. What you do outside the BSR does not affect your status inside the BSR, unless it affects the organization itself. If it affects the BSR, the officers have every right to take action.
  3. Conflicts between people will arise. If someone has a problem with another member, they may come to any officer and raise the issue. If the issue is between the two members, the officer may call for mediation. If the issue is of a more serious caliber, they may call for a probationary period (see Clause #8).
  4. Game Masters run their own games independent of the BSR and have complete control over their games. The organization claims no ownership over the content of such games. The exception to this rule is BSR Sponsored Games, which must follow our Sponsored Games guidelines.
  5. In each game, Game Masters and Players are expected to be respectful to each other. If the GM no longer wishes to have a player in their game, they should speak to the player. If the player no longer wishes to be in a GM’s game, it is their responsibility to inform their GM.
  6. Do not take in-game issues out-of-game. This is just bad form.
  7. If a decision regarding the BSR is to be made, one of two methods will be used.
    1. Many issues should be brought up to the BSR locally (to all attending members at the Alliance Game Room). All parties may have their say. A vote is called and majority wins. If it affects the BSR globally, the vote should be put on the forums.
    2. If the issue is serious, disciplinary or urgent, the officers should take it upon themselves to take the matter into their own hands. They will discuss it amongst themselves, preferably in private, and decide to act as necessary for the good of the BSR. If a vote between the officers is necessary, the majority wins.
  8. If an issue with a member is brought to an officer’s attention, such as a serious policy violation or an event that could negatively impact the BSR, and the issue can not be resolved through mediation, the officers may find it necessary to place the member in question on Probation. The following procedures will be carried out during the probationary period.
    1. The member will be covertly assessed by an officer during a meeting. If the complaints are found to be legitimate, they may proceed with the probationary period.
    2. The member under scrutiny will be made aware of their probationary meeting during the following week, before the next BSR meeting. The officers must give them their reasoning for the probation. From the time of the member being made alert, they have two weeks to make improvements.
    3. The member is assessed on a weekly basis. Notes must be taken. The assessments are brought forth to the member to give them opportunities for improvement.
    4. After two weeks, the officers will convene and report their findings. If the member has not made significant improvement, their status in the BSR is put to a vote amongst the officers. If a majority of the officers vote against the member, they are ejected from the BSR.

Game Room Policies

We are guests in Eagles' Alliance Game Room. Please respect the following policies if meeting there.

  1. Pick up after yourself. Leave the game room in a better condition than you left it.
  2. Respect any other group that is in the game room when we are. They are guests as well, and deserve to be treated with the same respect you would afford a BSR member.
  3. PDF's are on a case-by-case basis only. The following rules always apply regarding PDFs:
    1. If the product is available from Eagles, either in store or through special order, PDF copies are not allowed of that product inside the gameroom.
    2. If a product is only available in PDF-format and cannot be obtained by Eagles, the product may be printed out or brought on a laptop for use in the gameroom.
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