Hunter: the Vigil--Boston 12/29/08

Storyteller: Karl Smith

  • Ned
  • Sirius
  • Faust
  • Winston

Picking up where the previous week's game left off, the cell had many options ahead of them. They choose that the larger threat was the Vampires, whom had eluded them that night. Investigation lead to a corrupt police officer, whom the party had subdued and captured. Asking the fledgeling vampire Mark Holliday about the officer, they discovered he was a ghoul in the service of someone else, and Mark ran off in a panic. Interrogating the prisoner was harrowing, but the result was they had discovered where the vampires were holed up. They ambushed two and staked them, then moved to the 20th floor of Salvation Tower. They were caught by surprise when, in a dark apartment, the shadows themselves attacked. The source was a vampire who was hiding in the shadows themselves. After the lone vampire was dispatched, the phone in the apartment rang. Winston answered, and was met by the sound of a cell phone shutting.
The other vampires took off in their vehicle and have escaped for the time being.

Experience: 6
Practical Experience: 18

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