Hunter: the Vigil--Boston 1/5/09

Storyteller: Karl Smith

* Jacob
* Sirius
* Faust
* Winston

The cell tracked the runaway vampires to a small remote town in the Appalachians. An hour outside of town rested a mansion owned by a wealthy but reclusive businessman. Upon investigation from a nearby ridge, the cell found the mansion surrounded by a wrought-iron and cement wall and the grounds patrolled by what looked to be a private army. Jacob managed to see one of the vampires they had staked the night previous. Faust and Winston took shots with their rifles, and hit several of the guards and the vampire, but not before being shot several times themselves. Finding themselves outnumbered, Faust carried the unconscious Winston to the van with the injured Sirius in tow. As the reached the van, an unnaturally fast being with terrifying claws charged at them, further wounding both Winston and Faust. Jacob leaped from the van, pulling both of his machette's, and with Sirius's help, fell the beast.

Experience: 4
Practical Experience: 18

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